mardi 7 août 2012


My poor non French people,

On this hot and summery day in California, let me save you again with this gorgeous and healthy and (almost) vegan classic : la Ratatouille.


Non, you don't have to be a rat chef from Hollywood to master it... It's actually one of the easiest dish to do. Even men cuisine it sometimes, alors...


4 zucchinis
1 Bell pepper
1 eggplant
1 can diced peeled tomatoes
7 ounces of bacon
1 onion
1 garlic clove, salt and pepper

I was given the secret of the Parfaite Ratatouille when I was young and beautiful as I still am although it was several decades ago.
My roommate at the time was coming from Aix en Provence, and had me swear on her grand-mother's cookbook that I'll never give it to anyone else.
Well, she was a crazy person who ended up locking me in the appartment and distroying my voicemail messages whenever she could, so I think I can decide that this oath is no longer valid.

So here we go.

Cut the bacon into slices. (You can also use pancetta by the way. Or lardons, which is the real thing)

In a cast iron pot, brown the sliced onion and the bacon. You don't need much olive oil for it, the fat of the bacon is almost enough.

Meanwhile, cut all the vegetables into very tiny pieces. I would say as large as your thumb. Like this

First add the Bell Pepper.
Then the Eggplant.
And the Zucchinis.
And the diced tomatoes

Now your goal is for them to marry together.
Let them fall in love slowly by adding some  salt, pepper, thyme, herbes de provence. 
Mix them, shut the cover, put on low, the lowest you can, and go for a sieste.

You have exactly 2 hours to do nothing.

So close your eyes, listen to the cicadas, smell the lavender fields near the hundred-years-old olive trees, put the rosé wine in the fridge. 

Yes, you're in Provence, thanks to your perfect French friend.

PS : Unlike many things in life and love, it's even better on the next morning. Ice cold, with a toasted slice of bread. And an Oeuf au plat cooked by your fiancé. You know, sometimes, guys have to feel they can be useful.

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