jeudi 16 août 2012

Forget mustard : you must try moutarde !

My poor non French people,

Sometimes I feel so sorry for you. 
Is that true that American kids believe that French dressing is a sugary  kind of sauce (Ketchup and Worcestershire in it, really ?) ? 
Or that you really think that this awful yellow bottle of French's is actually French mustard ?

I tell you, the mustard climbs to my nose just thinking of it. (This is a French expression to explain incredible anger, something like what your green friend Hulk would express)

Now, let me show you how to enjoy REAL moutarde, on a summer night for example.
La tarte aux tomates et à la moutarde


1 Pate Brisée Crust. Or any salty crust
6 tomatoes
1 pot of Moutarde. Amora or Maille, I find mine at Ralph's... 
Thyme, Oregano, Fines herbes

This recipe was awfully trendy in the summer 1994 in Saint Laurent des eaux, Loir-et-Cher, France. (my French and perfect hometown btw)
I remember tasting it at my BFF Melanie's house, where her mom tried it for the first time.
Moutarde et tomates ! So simple !
It was magic, better than a pizza !

Pre-cook the crust for 10 minutes in a 400° F heated oven
(use a foil of aluminum, spread some uncooked pasta on it, so the crust doesnt inflate)

Then dive into yellow spicy delight, and spread a thick layer of moutard onto the crust

Slice the tomatoes

Lay them tenderly on their confortable mustard bed

Spray with pepper, salt, and the herbs

Put in the oven (400° F)

15 minutes in the upper part of the oven, 15 minutes down

Until you see that...

Et voilà !

Enjoy the real moutarde... and spread the love.

Bon appétit !

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