mercredi 22 août 2012


My poor non French people,

Would you please do me a favor and stop calling us "Froggies" ?
It always remind us, French and perfect women, how rare it is now to eat frog legs: you find them very scarcely at the marché, almost as rarely as fresh vegetables in an American student's fridge. 

And anyhow, frog is not the only strange meat we have. We also love calf's brains, beef tongue, horse (Heart of horse, my favorite comfy food!), and lapin. Yes, rabbit.

Lapin is a very healthy food: it's full of protein, very low in fat AND environmentally friendly.
So what are you waiting for ?

Cook a perfect "Lapin en Cocotte"


A rabbit, preferably cut by the butcher

1 onion

4 carrots
1 fennel
 4 tomatoes (or a can of diced organic tomatoes)

1 cup of Chicken Broth

Half a cup of white wine

Salt, Pepper, Thyme, and love

I cook this lapin as my amazing uncle Bernard teached me. 
He's a chef and the best bar-storyteller you can find in Paris ( Trust me and go to his bar, the Alex's

All you need is a cast iron pot, a rabbit, vegetables, and time (most important ingrédient)

Brown the sliced oinion in some olive oil

Then add the rabbit

Then the sliced vegetables

Carrots are perfect for the last trip of a nice bunny of course... 
I added Fennel and tomatoes...

Pour the wine
Then the broth

Add spices and herbs
Put to a boil, then when the bubbles appear, set on the lowest you can. 

Sim sim sim

Let the lapin hangout with his friends for at least an hour.
Actually the longer, the better... 

As most of the stews, it tastes even better on the next day.

Well my dear non French people, I hope you enjoy your lapin !

Bon appétit !

PS : If by any chance you're cooking for a French gentleman, first, let me hope that he won't lay you a rabbit. (Poser un lapin : to stand someone up)

Then let me warn you that he will most certainlbly sing you this ridiculous song. 

It's about a rabbit who shot a huntsman. 

Yes, that's what our French and perfect kids sing at school. 

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