jeudi 9 août 2012

Don't be Crude ! Eat your Crudités

My poor non French people,

It's with deep sadness that I must announce you that once again, you American people have it all wrong about food.
Non, the Raw diet is not a Californian invention. It was discovered centuries ago by us, the Français.
Eh oui !
That's what we call les Crudités.

A proper lunch in a French and perfect household could never happen unless Crudités are first served.
It's usually based on fresh vegetables and amazing vinaigrette. 
The best example is the carottes râpées.


6 carrots
1 lemon
Salt, pepper, Olive oil.

First, you have to know that French people are raised in the love of Carotts. 
Kids are always told two basic truths : 
  • Carrots make you aimable (they turn you into a nice and pleasant person)
  • AND Carrots help you have a pink derrière. Yes, that's how we teach our French and perfect kids to eat their veggies : by telling them it will help them have a nice bottom. Take that, Jlo and Kim K.

So now you know the secret of French beauty and legendary politenesse, take you carrots and go for it.

Peel the Carrots

Grate them, one by one.

Add the juice of the lemon


Salt and Pepper

A dash of olive oil.

Fresh Parsley.

Et voilà !

I know, that's almost too easy.
But you know what... C'est si bon...

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